Never Let the Crew See You Cry 2013

Laura Raboud as Ethel in "Never Let the Crew See You Cry"

Produced in partnership with Northern Sabbatical Productions
Presented with the support of the Provincial Archives of Alberta

by Linda Wood Edwards

Alex Mackie
Judy McFerran
Laura Raboud

Directed by David Cheoros

Costumes by Geri Dittrich

A mostly true story of loving a lot of planes, and one pilot.


The story of Alberta’s own “Bomb Girls” comes to life. In WW2, women became mechanics at Air Training Schools all over Canada. Ethel Wood chases dreams of being a pilot while finding friendship and romance in this (almost) all true story.

Fri Aug 16 – 6:30pm
Sat Aug 17 – 12:15pm
Mon Aug 19 – 3:30pm
Tue Aug 20 – 2:15pm
Wed Aug 21 – 8:15pm
Fri Aug 23 – 6:45pm
Sat Aug 24 – 11:45am
Sun Aug 25 – 1:00pm


2013 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival




Tickets and festival information here

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