Invisible Child

Invisible Child: Leilani Muir and the Alberta Eugenics BoardAt Village of the Fringed, MAA & PAA was proud to present Invisible Child: Leilani Muir and the Alberta Eugenics Board.  We have been thrilled to work with Leilani O’Malley, and with her editor and collaborator ML Morin, on the creation of the script for this important story. Our intent is to create a clear and passionate portrait of the woman who broke open the silence surrounding Alberta’s shameful past.

Invisible Child is directed by Vincent Forcier, and will feature Jenny McKillop as Leilani, and Linda Grass and Randy Brososky in a variety of roles.

Quick update: Invisible Child has been shortlisted for the Gwen Ringwood Award for New Play at the 2013 Alberta Literary Awards. The awards will be presented on May 25, 2013.



Invisible Child is produced with the support of:

The Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada

The ideas and practices aimed at improving “human breeding” known as eugenics were influential across North America in the first half of the 20th-century. Undertaken by 30 research scholars and sterilization survivors, and 12 community partners, Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada directly engages communities in developing accessible resources to bring to light the history of eugenics in Canada. It also creates a communal space to explore the relationships between that history and current policies and practices.



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