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Browse original photos of Beatrice Nasmyth and her family and contemporaries.



Check out promotional photos from the production. All photos are by Karen Simonson. MAA & PAA is grateful to Sandra Bromley and Wallis Kendal for permission to incorporate their moving Gun Sculpture into our photos.

Randy Brososky, Heather D. Swain, Jenny McKillopRandy Brososky, Jenny McKillop, Heather D. SwainHeather D. Swain and Jenny McKillop





Jenny McKillop and Randy BrososkyHeather D. Swain and Randy Brososky 





Original Photos, as provided by the family of Beatrice Nasmyth

Beatrice Nasmyth, aged approximately 30.





Captain Mackenzie Guy Furniss





Roberta MacAdams, one of the first women elected to a legislature anywhere in the British empire.  Roberta was recruited by Beatrice Nasmyth, who acted as her campaign manager.

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