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Link to recent reviews of an oak tree:

Fall under its spell – Robin Schroffel, Edmonton Sun (Aug 15/08)

“Perplexing but strangely powerful…haunting and mysterious.” – Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

Review excerpts for Tim Crouch’s original production of an oak tree, which has played the Traverse Theatre, London; the Barrow Street Theatre, New York, and at festivals all over the world. The play has been translated into German, Portuguese and French. His production received the 2006 Obie Award for its New York run.

“[The play] raises questions about the mind’s ability to impose meaning on the physical world. It is philosophy in motion, if you like. You could write a thesis about it, and people probably will. But what is most amazing is that this piece, by drawing attention to its own artifice, vividly celebrates the live, raw, communal experience of theatre and the mutual give and take between actors and audience.”
Financial Times

“It is like watching your own heart being mugged. You know exactly how it is happening, but you still can’t prevent it. On a good night, you will leave the theatre the same, but different.”
The Guardian

an oak tree is a fascinating slice of unconventional theater that will keepthe audience intrigued long after the final curtain…When Crouch and his guest get deeply into it …the puzzle becomes more than tantalizing. Different, unusual and unexpected, an oak tree is an intriguing tightrope-walk of a play”
Variety Magazine

“One of the most exhilarating workouts in the city isn’t to be found in any gym or Spinning class. Instead, it can be found at the Barrow Street Theater, where Tim Crouch’s one of a kind production, An Oak Tree, is moving audiences and enlightening acting students all at once.”

“It’s philosophy in action, playful and seriously thought-provoking.”
Independent on Sunday

“Absolutely fucking fantastic!!!”
The Observer


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