Respecting the Action for Seduction

It’s 1934. A young woman’s lies bring down a government. A politician’s philandering causes his own downfall. Respecting the Action for Seduction: The Brownlee Affair looks behind the headlines of Alberta’s biggest sex scandal to find an intimate portrait of trust and betrayal.

Written by: David Cheoros and Karen Simonson

Starring: Steve Pirot and Kirsten Marie Rasmussen

Directed by: David Cheoros

Dramaturged by: Karen Simonson

Story Editing by: Linda Wood Edwards

Costume Design by: Geri Dittrich

Lighting Design by: Paul Bezaire

Graphic Design by: Dave Ponech

This production is sponsored by the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

We are also grateful for the support of Theatre Network, the Edmonton Public Library and Foster Learning Inc.

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