Letters from Battle River returns to Edmonton

Letters from Battle River: The Adventures of Dr. Mary Percy Jackson was MAA & PAA Theatre’s inaugural production, back in 2007. The one woman show draws on more than 300 pages of letters, written home over a 2 year period, by a young British doctor posted to the newly-settled district of Battle River (now Manning, Alberta). Dr. Percy writes with wit and passion about a growing love for the land, and a growing respect for the first peoples and diverse immigant population she serves.

So often, our work involves sifting thousands of pages of material, looking for the rare spark that will capture the essence of a great story. With Dr. Percy Jackson’s letters, though, the sparks flew fast and furious.

Now it’s a joy to return to these stories with a new creative team, and a fresh perspective.

Letters from Battle River will be performed at the Garneau Theatre, Fringe Venue 26:
Thurs Aug 11 @ 8:00pm
Sat Aug 13 @ 3:00pm
Sun Aug 14 @ 9:00pm
Tue Aug 16 @ 5:30pm
Thu Aug 18 @ 5:30pm
Fri Aug 19 @ 9:00pm
Sun Aug 21 @ 12:15pm